Bigger Returns Less Risk

What we do

Silver Rock Capital offers wealth creation strategies crafted by an exceptionally talented team of managers incorporating engineering discipline to bring a different perspective to your financial future.

How we do it

1. Research

We use statistical, evidence-based practices when formulating investment strategies. Our strategies are implemented a financial team with a background in science and software.

2. Differentiate

We offer, low-overhead, no-fixed-fee funds to our clients that is unique to the industry. Small, exclusive, and agile, we are the
UN-hedge fund.

3. Deliver

We constantly review and monitor our strategies, check and double check as we seek to maximize gains for your portfolio. We believe directly aligning our interests with our clients is the only way to do business.

Seasonality Strategy

Statistically significant on 108 stock markets, seasonality has had significant effects on markets across the globe as early as 1694. This phenomenon has only been strengthening in the last 50 years and is the basis for our equity-based, low-frequency, moderate risk strategy averaging 38% APR annually.
Ask us how you can be part of the 38% club today.

Volatility Strategy

Since Chicago Board of Exchange introduced the possibility of trading volatility in 2004 our volatility trading strategy has produced returns averaging 64% APR annually. We know how difficult it might be to believe that type of return is possible and encourage you to approach us and give us the opportunity to give sound answers to set your mind at ease.

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